Thick skin necessary to be full-time Realtor

A lot of people view selling real estate as a job that is lucrative and relatively easy. Yes, 20 percent of the full-time Realtors in California make a pretty good living but the job is not even close to easy. The top producers work crazy, long hours and need to be available at all times of the day and night, seven days per week. The full-time top producers are constantly marketing, managing and improving. Marketing consists of making sales calls and soliciting business from their database of past clients, new potential clients and referral sources in person and through traditional advertising and, of course, the internet. Managing consists of the day-to-day business operation of the Realtors’ self-employment. Nearly all Realtors are paid as independent contractors, meaning they have to cover 100 percent of their business expenses, their medical insurance and their income taxes for the state and the IRS. They also have to manage their staff and affiliate relationships. Managing is also required for all their sales transactions. Unlike selling cars, boats, airplanes or insurance, a real estate transaction takes between 15 to 180 days to close. After marketing, staging and showing property, the job is far from over. Once a Realtor has a buyer and seller sign a purchase agreement, an escrow is opened and during this escrow period the Realtor has all kinds of responsibilities and deadlines to meet before any commission is paid. Another thing the full-time top producers have in common is they are always working on improvement programs such as seminars, classes and coaching clinics which requires time and effort. Many folks in America see the top Realtors driving really nice cars and looking happy and content because top sales people usually have very positive attitudes and normally try to exude happiness with a big smile, but trust me readers, after 35 years in the business, I know how hard being a top producer in real estate is. First of all, a top Realtor needs to be passionate about helping buyers become homeowners. Second, a top Realtor must put in a superhuman effort and never be lazy. Most important, a top Realtor must have thick skin to fight through the disappointments and the inherent stress that goes along with dealing with a person’s most valuable asset. It is very rewarding financially and emotionally to help people achieve the American Dream, but it is not even close to being an easy job.