Thanks for your service

This statement to the people that have served our country or currently serving to protect us has really become a great tradition in our country over the past few years. Guys like me who have been helping active-duty service members and veterans buy and refinance homes love doing VA loans and dealing with the military. It’s a great feeling to help a veteran achieve their financial goals because it almost feels like you are paying the veteran back for risking life and limb for our country and our loved ones. The other reason we love helping vets, the enlisted and the military officers is because they are usually financially solid qualified buyers and borrowers. We need to start thanking our cops, paramedics, firefighters and nurses, too, for their service because they see things that most of us are not willing to see and risk things like this virus as part of their job. They risk their lives for us every day and subject themselves to risks for the sake of others for good pay and good benefits. Real estate brokers and mortgage bankers love working with first responders because most can qualify to buy houses. Private sector folks often envy the cops and firefighters that can retire at 55 or 60 with a healthy pension but most of us aren’t willing to dodge bullets, viruses and run into burning buildings or arrive on the scene of horrible accidents. Many people wish they could make $70 to $120 per hour and work three or four days per week like most registered nurses, but most of us can’t pass the registered nurse’s exam and deal with sick people and occasionally see them die. Realtors and loan officers love nurses, too, because they usually make good income, which makes it easier for Realtors and lenders to sell them houses. Thanks for your service, first responders and nurses!