Solano Real Estate Scene: Time flies, so don’t procrastinate

Time can be your friend or your enemy when it comes to financial success. “Start now” is often the theme at seminars or sales presentations when the presenters are trying to sell their audience on buying something like investments, real estate, motivational programs, coaching, life insurance products, education, health and diet programs, credit repair and retirement plans like IRAs and 401(k)s. Yeah, it is a ploy or a sales strategy to get people to move forward and buy and not procrastinate after seeing the benefits of the product, but in many cases this ploy or sales tactic is truly a benefit to the audience. My point is that when people are being sold something that they truly need, they should not be turned off or feel as if they are being sold just because the presenter is a talented salesperson. Procrastination kills. It is almost never too late to get started on a plan to get healthy or a plan to become financially successful. Various 401(k) plans are critical to those of us who have no government pension or millions of dollars in guaranteed inheritance. Time and consistency are obviously the keys to building wealth so maximizing your contribution and starting at 30 years old will produce a heck of a lot more retirement funds than starting at 40, but starting at 40 is better than 45. FICO scores are something that require time and consistency to build a score over 720. If a person has a 600 credit score and they begin working monthly to improve their credit score, within 18 months, in most cases, they can jump from 600 to 700. If a buyer cannot qualify to buy a house today but is given a road map to qualifying and they start on that road today, they will be a homeowner a lot sooner than if they procrastinate and don’t start down the road. Start now.