Solano Real Estate Scene: Tech makes it easier to work from home

The market cap for Zoom is now equal to General Electric and Teladoc Health. It was $27 per share three years ago and is now $165 per share. Zoom allows you to have 100-person interactive video conferences and Teladoc allows you to privately meet with your doctor on a FaceTime-like program where they can look at that rash. DocuSign’s stock price has nearly quadrupled in the past 12 months. This service allows almost any document to be electronically signed from your phone. Telephones, email, the internet and all these new types of applications allow people to work from home. Real estate brokers are doing virtual open houses and doing video showings in real time with potential home buyers. The one thing that is 15 to 20 years away is robotic loan officers and real estate agents that are stuffed full of artificial intelligence, replacing the human being and the human connection. Brainstorming goals with buyers and borrowers is a critical part of the process and more important than ever for a successful real estate transaction. Communication by phone and video is great, but I believe meeting in person is better. Most real estate agents have been working from home and the car for years but now loan officers and financial advisers can effectively work remotely, so office space is not as important as it used to be. The biggest problems I see about working from home are access to the refrigerator, the TV and driving your spouse nuts by not giving her or him a break from seeing you.