Solano Real Estate Scene: Looking forward to 2030

Wow, it feels like it was just yesterday when Y2K was the big news story. 2030 is right around the corner and technology modernization will probably advance as much in the next eight years as it did over the past 22 years. 5G, for example. will not be big enough and 6G will be needed to handle the quintillions of data points that flow through the internet daily. What will be the next Tesla, Amazon or Apple by 2030? I don’t know; I am asking you! Seriously, please share your opinion with me and your fellow readers of what young company or Special Purpose Acquisition Company will return 10,000% to its investors over the next eight years. The company that has the most data by 2030 will be the most valuable company in the world. Today, the key to marketing in America is gaining potential customer data. Everyone wants your contact information and your profile so they can sell you stuff based on your desires, your likes and dislikes. Searching the World Wide Web, aka the internet, and the dominant data king Google is handy and a great way to learn and potentially shop, but what we all need to remember is that every merchant and company wants your personal data ASAP. Raley’s, Safeway, Walgreens and Costco have a ton of my data through their rewards programs, which has my cellphone number and email address. They all know what I need and what I like to buy. My recommendation to all my local clients, friends and family is to give your data, goals and contact info to your favorite local Realtor and loan officer so they can stay in touch with you and keep you informed and answer your questions about what’s new and help you achieve your immediate and long-term goals. Unlike almost every real estate and lending website in the world, your local go-to professional will not sell your data, profile and contact info. If your daughter, brother or mother asks you for advice about buying or selling a house, don’t trust an internet website out of state or out of the country, just text the contact info of your trusted local professional to your loved ones to protect them and help them achieve their goals and dreams.