Solano Real Estate Scene: Homeownership, words that end in S

Among my top 10 benefits of homeownership are words that end with the letter S: baptisms, first birthdays, first communions, eighth-grade graduations, sweet 16th birthdays, baby and wedding showers, high school graduations, Easter egg hunts, Father’s and Mother’s Days, scary Halloweens, backyard weddings, pool parties, anniversaries, funeral and life celebrations, engagement parties, grandpa’s 80th and grandma’s 90th birthday parties, turkey dinners at Thanksgiving, Fourth of July legal fireworks and, of course, Christmas. There is something special about owning a home and one of them is it becomes a gathering place that you and your family can absolutely count on for gatherings and lasting memories. When you own your own house and you are not part of an overly strict homeowner’s association, you can have five to 10 of your most dysfunctional friends and family along with 60 or 70 of your more polite and socially appropriate friends and relatives over to your house and backyard for pretty much anything you want to do as a family. No landlord is going to make you leave or move because of the loud music or raucous political debates in the yard. I forgot about New Year’s, and I also forgot to mention births. A child and the mother never forget the house they lived in when the baby was born, and all these thoughts are really what the American Dream is all about. Covid-19 will end soon.