Solano Real Estate Scene: Give thanks during holidays

I love Thanksgiving because all the pressure is on my wife and my mom to prepare the feast for our enormous family. The pressure is not on me like it can be at Christmas with guilt over not getting gifts for important people who deserve my thanks or even worse, for a guy that was raised Catholic, guilt from not having a gift for someone who gives me one. Ouch! Thanksgiving is simply a time to have a great turkey, real gravy, stuffing and potatoes along with sandwiches in the evening while playing a friendly family poker game with your relatives. It is also a time to give thanks to your family and friends for being there for you over the years. The holidays can be a time for family to talk in person rather than just text, phone and social media. Time is a problem because of how busy everyone seems to be in 2017 in comparison to 30 years ago. Time flies and before you know it another year has gone by and business that should have been done today is put off until next year. Replacing the roof, updating your revocable family trust, talking to your parents or grandparents about their will and what their long-term care options are, remodeling the kitchen, helping your parents make decisions about selling their home and moving down to something more affordable with less maintenance. My dad has been in Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital since the day before the wildfires and two days before my mom was evacuated out of Oakmont in Santa Rosa. I am lucky to have brothers and sisters to help my parents because, oh my goodness, my life has been too busy with my four kids, my four grandkids, my wife and my 22-person team at work to spend every week helping my parents. I am so thankful to have parents who did a great job raising me and my six brothers and sisters, including an autistic child. The one thing I can tell all of you is that there is a lot of stuff we should have done sooner for my parents on estate planning. Talk to your parents over the holidays and if real estate or debt management is a topic, call a Realtor or a local mortgage expert today.