Solano Real Estate Scene: Christmastime draws near

Holy cow, it is almost Christmas already. The sister cities of Vacaville and Fairfield are being decorated with lights and the community Christmas trees have arrived. Our community, as usual, is supporting others less fortunate this season. Donations from Vacaville and Fairfield have been enormous and aimed at helping the victims of the Camp Fire. It was just 13 months ago that Santa Rosa suffered the loss of 7,500 structures and 40 lives. The Camp Fire has displaced 100,000 people with 88 dead, hundreds missing and 15,000 structures just gone. I cannot imagine what this feels like for the kids who are just kids. The population in this area is low- to moderate-income and many of these folks are retirees who moved up there for affordable housing. The homeowners who have insurance will at least have a chance to rebuild or take the money and move, but I bet you many did not learn from the Santa Rosa victims to inventory and take photographs of their personal property, and they will now have to fight for the money to replace all of their personal property because they cannot prove what they lost. Mortgage companies require homeowners’ insurance, but what about the homes that are free and clear in which the owners let their insurance lapse over the years? Yikes! How about the renters who don’t have renters’ insurance? Most renters, believe it or not, have no renters’ insurance, especially low-income folks and I guarantee you that those who did failed to make a digital photo inventory of all their stuff because it takes time and organizational skills. Heck, I haven’t done it yet and I have been a risk management guy for 40 years. Christmas will be tough this year for those who have lost loved ones and, in some cases, everything including their cars because they couldn’t drive out. Thank you, Solano County, for your generosity and let’s all give thanks for what we have and continue to support those in need.