Set real estate goals for 2017

Suze Orman, Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey and almost every sales trainer and coach I have ever heard or seen over the past 30 years talks about the importance of setting goals. These motivational people tell their audiences about the importance of setting and even writing down goals each and every year because these highly successful influential mentors have been to seminars themselves and most of them have studied highly effective and successful men and women from the past. Successful people are goal-driven and it is mathematically and scientifically proven that most of our country’s greatest business leaders, athletes, sports coaches, entertainers, sales people, educators, community leaders and even charitable nonprofits set goals and then write them down and make them visible in their business plan, on their computer or even on their bathroom mirror so they see the goals routinely. Here are some goals the average Joe may want to write down about their real estate situation in 2017:
  1. Let’s remodel the kitchen this year.
  2. Let’s put a swimming pool in by June 2017 for another hot summer.
  3. Let’s renovate our landscaping and put in a pizza oven.
  4. Let’s totally clean out the garage for the first time in 25 years this spring.
  5. Let’s convert our home to a rental property like we have talked about for five years and move to a home on the golf course.
  6. I am selling this three-bedroom, one-bath house and moving up to a two-bath home now that my wife and I have four daughters and can never get in the bathroom.
  7. Let’s save some money and buy our first home and get out of the rent trap.
  8. Let’s sell this high-maintenance, two-story home and move down to a low-maintenance, one-story home now that we are retired.
  9. Let’s improve our FICO scores from 650 to 720 by August.
  10. Let’s refinance our home and use the equity to purchase a vacation home.
  11. Let’s help our kids buy their first home and get them financially educated at the same time.
  12. Let’s help Grandma get a reverse mortgage to improve her monthly cash flow by $1,500 per month and help her stay in the home she loves. A homeowner or a first-time homebuyer can have their goals analyzed by a professional mortgage banker or an expert Realtor with no cost out of their pocket prior to actually buying or refinancing a home.
Good luck on your 2017 goals!