Construction Loans

Building a home can be one of the biggest decisions you make and there are so many reasons to build your next family home.

Building Your Home Just Got Easier

New construction comes with a lot of questions and decisions. We make the loan process a breeze with our dedicated construction team and loan officers specifically certified in construction financing.

How do construction loans work?

We offer a Two-time Close Construction Loan.

This means that you’ll have one loan to pay for the construction, then as construction nears completion, you’ll get a second loan to pay off the construction loan and become your permanent financing.

The payments on the construction loan are interest only, and you can choose to make monthly payments or build them into your loan. Your permanent financing is a traditional loan, where you make principal and interest payments monthly just like any other mortgage.

Your Steps to New Construction

We start you on the right path by giving you an idea of what to expect.

  • Apply for a Loan. A loan officer will help you figure out your budget. They will ask you for documents, pull your credit, go over your financial qualifications, and talk about loan options.
  • Look & Choose. Now it’s time to pick a builder/contractor, home design, and lot based on your budget and needs. Tour homes and do research to find the right fit.
  • Loan Approval. Once your plans are set, we will order an appraisal and get information from your builder. Once approved, you will have a loan closing to fund construction.
  • Building Your Home. Now construction can start! We will monitor progress on your project with regular inspections and pay the builder according to our agreed draw schedule.
  • Finalize & Move In. Once your home is almost done, we prepare your permanent loan. You will go through another loan approval. Once you close on this loan you can move in!

Need More Reasons to Work with Us?


Pre-owned land can be used to help with your down payment.


In most cases, you can stay in your current home while you build so you don’t have to move twice.


Base your long-term loan on the appraised value and not just the cost to build.


Lock in your post-construction rate up to one year early.


Our in-house construction department works directly with builders.


We work with timelines that exceed normal building parameters.

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