Homelessness, drug addiction and Theft Reduction Act

Jim Porter

Solano Real Estate Scene: Jim Porter

Article By: Jim Porter – April 19, 2024

Sheriff Tom Ferrara and District Attorney Krishna Abrams came to our weekly Northern Solano County Association of Realtors marketing meeting this week and all I can say is that I wish my wife had been there to hear these two public servants inspire us with hope for the future of our community.

My wife Mary, along with a lot of baby boomers and seniors are concerned for the safety of our kids and grandkids with all these people getting away with theft and drug crimes.

I can remember as clear as if it were yesterday riding in the back seat of my mom and dad’s car, wearing no seatbelts, with three of my brothers driving across Market Street in San Francisco on Fifth street and seeing skid row for the first time. I was around 8 or 9 and out of all of San Francisco skid row was no more than a two-block stretch on Fifth Street between Market and Howard.

I vividly remember being kind of scared when we stopped at the red light because there were a ton of people on the street, who looked filthy and kind of sickly, walking close to our car, but my dad assured us not to worry because our doors were locked, and these sad souls were harmless.

Now, my hometown’s skid row is almost a tourist attraction in itself, which covers dozens of square miles in many locations. Drug addiction and homelessness have become a humanitarian crisis and scare the heck out of children and the elderly when they walk by or over someone sleeping on the street.

According to liberal and conservative mayors, the district attorneys and sheriffs around our state, Prop 47 which passed in 2014, must be reformed immediately, and according to one of my all-time favorite cops, Sheriff Tom, as of today, he and his team have 1,500 beds available and only 500 sleeping and eating for free in the Solano County Jail.

Our real estate market is nothing more than our community, and the health and safety of our real estate market is dependent on the health and safety of our citizens, especially the children and our elderly in our community.

Jim Porter, NMLS No. 276412, is the branch manager of Solano Mortgage, NMLS No. 1515497, a division of American Pacific Mortgage Corporation, NMLS No. 1850, licensed in California by the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation under the CRMLA / Equal Housing Opportunity. Jim can be reached at 707-449-4777.

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