Christmas and the American Dream

There is no better Christmas gift for your family than a new house to call home. If a young couple moves from a small apartment into larger 2 or 3 bedroom home with a backyard, it makes them feel as if they are moving up in their lives and gives them a feeling of pride. This pride comes from a feeling of accomplishment and growth. Renting a house is one step closer to becoming a homeowner because once you have land that you have control of under your feet, you have a feeling of freedom. You can play your stereo as loud as you want and you can plant a fruit tree in your yard and watch it grow. I suppose a renter can grow a plant on the balcony of their apartment but there is just something special about having your own front and backyard. Renting a house can cost between $1,500 to $2,500 per month in Solano County and your landlord can control your housing destiny. A landlord can ask you to move out because they have a relative that wants to move in or they can decide to sell the house, causing you to move, which is stressful and expensive. Buying a house similar to where you are renting usually requires some money for a downpayment unless you are eligible to obtain a VA loan, but one thing for darn sure is the monthly payment is usually just as affordable as renting a similar home after taking into consideration the income tax benefits in buying versus renting. The reason purchasing a house is the greatest Christmas gift possible is the freedom of home and land ownership. Owning the land you live on is the greatest feeling of accomplishment possible in America. When you own your home you control your short-term and long-term housing destiny.