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At Solano Mortgage, our commitment to our local communities is our mission and what makes our work important. Builders play an important role in this goal and having a dedicated Builder Division that supports our communities is how we get it done.

Our large network of builder-certified loan officers, fulfillment teams, and builder-trained processors provide the builder specialized products, technology and services to help our Builder partners capture and close more sales opportunities.

Here are some of the qualities that makes us stand out to our Home Builders:

  • Executive leadership that focuses on Home Builder growth and service levels
  • Dedicated Builder trained local processing
  • Dedicated Builder trained fulfillment
  • Builder VIP 24-hour expedited turn times
  • Builder status reporting
  • Builder loan products
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Builder marketing collateral
  • Amazing technology and tools
  • Lead support
  • Builder certification program for Loan Officers and Branch Managers

Our People

Our Builder loan officers and operations teams are trained to understand Builder business. They know the nuances of working with Builders and the myriad of important details they need to execute, including timelines, documentation, constructions stages and never closing late.

When you see the BME Home Builder Mortgage Expert logo you know you are working with trained professionals.

Our Products

Having a variety of Builder loan products and programs can be powerful. Many times, it gives us the power to take your “turn downs” and turn them around!

We know our Builders need certain product lines like extended locks, one-time close construction, down payment assistance and first time home buyer products for their buyers. We provide all this and more. We are a direct lender to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae. We provide several niche financing options including conventional, energy efficient mortgages, FHA, state housing bond loans, VA, USDA, delegated jumbo, mortgage credit certificate, and multiple local down payment assistance programs.

Our Partnerships

Our strategic partnership division provides compliant, up to date partnership opportunities to make being part of your team an easy transition.

Our Precision Technology

Our precision begins with our technology. We’ve built it to support our promise and our partnerships. Key features include:

  • Our efficient Builder reporting keeps you in the know on each stage of your buyer’s loan. It includes weekly Builder status reports, monthly closing reports that provide loan status details and updated timelines, so we never miss important dates.
  • AP Connect is our lead management platform designed to convert Internet leads into Sales ready opportunities! It provides instant response to consumer inquiries (up to 4.5 seconds) and long term nurturing of leads for up to 18 months.
  • Our CRM allows our Loan Officers to co-brand and co-market to consumers through email and text, whichever they prefer.
  • Our Solano Mortgage mobile App links buyers to their loans. It allows our clients to upload conditions, scan, submit short loan applications, and pull credit, run loan calculations, view pricing and more. Agents and Buyers get milestone updates throughout the loan process.
  • We track your MLS listings to generate customized flyers for you. We can provide marketing collateral for your listings, open houses and special events.

Grow your business with Builder Division

Our large network of builder-certified loan officers, fulfillment teams, and builder-trained processors, provide the builder specialized products, technology and services so our builder partners capture and close more sales opportunities.

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